Archive | July, 2014

New Tournament Tie Breaker and FAQ updates

Fantasy Flight Games have posted updates to the X-wing Rules for Tournament’s and Epic Play and have also added to the FAQ Some of the main changes are: Huge ships start the battle fully charged with energy The Barrel Roll Rules for large ships now use the long edge of the template instead of the short edge […]

New B-Wing Pilots in Rebel Aces

Rebel Aces is the next release on the cards for X-Wing and Fantasy Flight Games have just put out some more information about the B-Wing pilots that come in the box. B-Wings from Rebel Aces   Nera Dantels is the most recently spoiled card and allows you to target Torpedo Secondary Weapon attacks at enemy […]

Echolocation – A Guide to Moving Echo

I found this awesome tool over on  the Fantasy Flight Games Forums.  Its a guide to figuring out where Echo is able to move at any time. Echolocation You can flip on a gridded overlay, fiddle with decloaking filters and specific manoeuvre dial choices, multiply the insanity with barrel rolls or simply activate and contemplate […]

X-Wing Nationals at UK Games Expo 2014

While recording the latest episode of the podcast we started talking about the UK Games Expo and the UK X-Wing Nationals.  We stopped the show to pull up some information about the event and were really surprised to find almost no information online. I knew from memory what squadrons has placed highly at the event […]

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