The Battle of Ord Ibanna – An Escalation Tournament

The Battle of Ord Ibanna is and Escalation Format tournament being held at the Sanctuary gaming centre.  This will be the first escalation event that I have attended and writing lists has been as much of a challenge as the gaming is going to be.

For those that don’t know, the official Fantasy Flight Games escalation format is fairly simple to follow but also add a whole new level of complexity to squadron building.

Escalation Tournament Rules

From the official Fantasy Flight games Escalation Tournament Rules:

The maximum squad points for each player’s first squad is 60 points. A squad cannot exceed 60 points, though it may contain fewer than 60 points.

On subsequent rounds, the maximum squad points for each player’s squad increases to 90 for the second round, 120 for the third round, and 150 for the fourth. During each round, each squad must contain all ships and upgrade cards from the previous squad. Ships from the previous round must keep all equipped upgrade cards, and these cards may not be “transferred” to a different ship. However, new upgrade cards may be added to ships from the previous squad. 

So as you can see you are quite restricted in some of the combos that you can bring.  If you want a large ship then you had better bring it at 60 points as it becomes very difficult to fit it in later.

My Escalation Squadron

For this event I really wanted to fly Imperials, especially with the new wave 4 ships available to use at the event but the more I wrote lists the more I found myself moving towards Rebels.

The main reason is that I love using the Falcon and I really wanted to try out the new Z-95 Headhunters and I also wanted to give and E-Wing a run out.  With these few rules in mind I set out building a list.

Knowing that I wanted to use the Falcon, and with the Escalation Tournament format I had to bring it in the first 60 points.  I had a choice of bringing just the Falcon fully tooled up or with less toys and a 2nd ship.  This seemed like a great place to start adding in a z-95.  Chewie was put in as a pilot with C3P0 and the Millennium Falcon title upgrade to help him survive and Expert Handling to make him super fun to fly.


At 90 points I wanted to add a ship that would be effective at all the future levels and also leave space to add the gunner upgrade to Chewbacca.  This left me 25 points and Biggs in an X-Wing seems like the obvious choice but I didn’t want to draw fire away from the Falcon, I hope people try and kill it letting me soak up the damage before running away. Instead I went for a new X-Wing pilot, Tarn Mison.  His ability lets him take a Target Lock against an opponent that shoots at him. With the R7 Astromech upgrade letting in him spent that target lock to for and opponent to re-roll successful hits he is a real pain to deal with and should be a tough choice between gunning for him early and leaving Chewie with a free reign or letting him be and have to face him in the end game.


Next up is 120 points and I know that at some point I want to use an E-Wing so I have 3 main options.

  1. Add another ship now and fly a basic E-Wing at just 150 points
  2. Add another ship now and keep points lower to add a named E-Wing at 150 points
  3. Add an E-Wing now for less than 30 points and upgrade it further at 150 points.

I decided that the best option is probably the 3rd so that leaves me with the choice of a Knave Squadron Pilot or a Blackmoon Squadron Pilot.  The former letting me include the oh so OP Advanced Sensors and the latter leaving a point free for an initiative bid.


To finish off my Squadron and leave enough point free to ad a few upgrades to the E-Wing I could either add a basic ship of pretty much any type or squeeze in 2 more Headhunters.  This was an easy choice seeing as I wanted to use the Wave 4 ships as much as I could and it leaves plenty of points spare to throw a Stealth Device on the E-Wing and also give him the R7-T1 Astromech.  This give me a fantastic flanking ship with the ability to take a target lock action and gain a free boost, which I can do before or after performing my manoeuvre thanks to Advanced Sensors.


Thats my Escalation Tournament Squadron ready to go.  I’m still not 100% set on the E-Wing build, I think a Blackmoon squadron with R2-D6 and Push the Limit and a Stealth Device might be better.  Focus and Evade with 4 agility dice is noting to be sniffed at.

I will post a report from the event to let you all know how I fared.

Let me know what you think to the squad, would there be any changes? Have I missed anything obvious?


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