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X-Wing Nationals at UK Games Expo 2014

While recording the latest episode of the podcast we started talking about the UK Games Expo and the UK X-Wing Nationals.  We stopped the show to pull up some information about the event and were really surprised to find almost no information online. I knew from memory what squadrons has placed highly at the event […]

Going to the Big Bang

I have my first tournament coming up this weekend and am still struggling on what to take to the event. The tournament is called The Big Bang at the Sanctuary gaming centre in Mansfield.  Its looking like being a fairly good turn out with around half a dozen of our gaming circle in attendance, Ben […]

X-Wing at the Slaughter

X-Wing at the Slaughter – 30/1/14

The Sheffield Slaughter is a large Warhammer Fantasy battle event that is held at the Davy Soprts and Social club in Sheffield each January. This year a few of us were interested in getting together to play some X-Wing on the friday evening and it soon escalated into a mini-tournament. Element Games were contacted to […]

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