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New Tournament Tie Breaker and FAQ updates

Fantasy Flight Games have posted updates to the X-wing Rules for Tournament’s and Epic Play and have also added to the FAQ Some of the main changes are: Huge ships start the battle fully charged with energy The Barrel Roll Rules for large ships now use the long edge of the template instead of the short edge […]

New B-Wing Pilots in Rebel Aces

Rebel Aces is the next release on the cards for X-Wing and Fantasy Flight Games have just put out some more information about the B-Wing pilots that come in the box. B-Wings from Rebel Aces   Nera Dantels is the most recently spoiled card and allows you to target Torpedo Secondary Weapon attacks at enemy […]

Echolocation – A Guide to Moving Echo

I found this awesome tool over on  the Fantasy Flight Games Forums.  Its a guide to figuring out where Echo is able to move at any time. Echolocation You can flip on a gridded overlay, fiddle with decloaking filters and specific manoeuvre dial choices, multiply the insanity with barrel rolls or simply activate and contemplate […]

X-Wing Nationals at UK Games Expo 2014

While recording the latest episode of the podcast we started talking about the UK Games Expo and the UK X-Wing Nationals.  We stopped the show to pull up some information about the event and were really surprised to find almost no information online. I knew from memory what squadrons has placed highly at the event […]

UK X-Wing Regional championship 2014 announced

UK X-Wing distributer Esdevium have announced the list of stores hosting a X-Wing regional championships From the announcement post Each Regional Championship tournament offers an opportunity to participate in an exciting competition with some of your favourite game’s most enthusiastic players. These exclusive events provide structured competition, feature exclusive prize support, draw players from across […]

X-Wing Podcast on the Forums

I have been sharing the X-Wing Podcast around the various forums.  If you want to check out what has been said you can find all the links here. Feel free to copy any of these to your own gaming groups forums to help spread the word. Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing Forums Board Game Geek Forums […]

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