First X-Wing Tournament Experience – ep 2

We recently attended our first X-Wing tournament.  The Big Bang, held at the Sanctuary gaming centre in Mansfield.

The squads we flew for this event are:

Ben C

  • Soontir Fel – TIE Interceptor
    • Push the Limit
  • Howlrunner TIE Fighter
  • Backstabber TIE Fighter
  • 3x Academy TIE Fighter’s

Ben J

  • Krassix – Firespray
    • Heavy Laser Cannon
    • Recon Specialist
  • Darth Vader – TIE Advanced
  • 4x Black Squadron TIE’s

I faced up against mostly rebels and a single Imperial player! My opponents were:


  • Biggs Darklighter
  • Wedge Antillies
  • Rookie
  • Rookie


  • Dutch
  • Wedge Antillies
  • Biggs Darklighter


  • Rookie
  • Rookie
  • Wedge
  • Dutch


  • Blue Squadron
    • Advanced Sensors
  • Rookie
  • Biggs
  • Wedge


  • Kraxiss
    • Heavy Laser Cannon
    • Recon Specialist
  • Soontir Fel
    • Push the Limit
    • Stealth Device
  • Dark Curse

While Ben J faced off against:

  • 2 x Red Squadron X Wings
    • R2 Astromechs
  • Biggs in his X Wing
  • Dagger Squadron B Wing
    •  Advanced Sensors
  • Rookie X Wing
  • Biggs and Wedge in X Wings
  • Blue Squadren B Wing
    • Advanced Sensors
  • 2 x Rookie pilots in X Wings,
  • Biggs in a X Wing
    • R2 Astromech
  • Wedge in a X Wing
    • R2 Astromech
    • Swarm Tactics
Chris T,
  • Biggs in a X Wing
  • Wedge in X Wing
    • R2 Astromech
  • Blue Squadren B Wing
  • Gold Squadren Y Wing
  • Howlrunner
    • Stealth Device
  • Black Squadren pilot
    • Draw their Fire
  • Backstabber in a Tie
  • 4 x Academy Tie Fighters

The full results for the event were a little late being announce but we got there eventually!  We both tied for 3rd place with 3 wins and 2 losses but once the Strength of Schedule tie breaker had been sorted out this was the final standings.

  1. Craig Reed
  2. Marcus Pitt
  3. Owen Wright
  4. Ben Johnson
  5. Scott Reed
  6. Ben Curry
  7. Martyn Gough
  8. Gavin Gillies
  9. Andy Williams
  10. Andy Smillie
  11. Chris Taylor
  12. Terry Carr
  13. Craig Rossiter
  14. Richard Heath
  15. Jan Novak
  16. Nigel Sales
  17. Andrew Pelton

Show Notes

First X-Wing Tournament Experience – The Big Bang – Ep 3

  • About the event
  • What we used
  • How the games went
  • What we learned


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4 Responses to “First X-Wing Tournament Experience – ep 2”

  1. Good cast gentlemen!

  2. Hey guys, my list was:

    Omicron Group Pilot (32) – Lambda-Class Shuttle (21), Fire-Control System (2), Gunner (5), Engine Upgrade (4)
    Academy Pilot (12)
    Academy Pilot (12)
    Academy Pilot (12)
    Academy Pilot (12)
    Howlrunner (20) with Swarm Tactics

    • I ran this last weekend something close to your list,

      1- omicron shuttle (21)
      Adv Sen and Engi upgrade (7)
      1 – Turr Phennir (25)
      Push the limit, shield upgrade (7)
      3 – Obsidian Squad (36)

      The main force is setup like the following against the right board edge

      Tie, Tie, Tie, Shuttle board edge

      Turr reacting to or flanking from the far left or middle.

      Won every round using this strat seeing everyone would focus on the shuttle and they would lose the ablity to turn right my third game I watched a full hp/sh xwing go right off the board do to a wrong turn What was fun is to move the shuttle to bump a enemy ship. The next turn focus then use your stop move. In one game I prevent Luke from having a move three times and no shot a couple seeing the ties k turned and ended behind him. He was stuck without a focus or a shot.

      I know there is a thought to run more ties I just found the 3 with a heavy flanker better. Also having 4 hp on Turr was better then having on extra dice. Reason is on those turns where you roll blanks must of the time it’s only 2-3 hits which leave him still alive. I personal watched a tie roll 6 def dice in one turn if it had the extra hp it would still be alive.

  3. I liked your recap of everything. Keep the podcasts coming there good to listen to while working

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