Getting Started With X-Wing Miniatures Game – ep 1

In this first episode of the X-Wing Podcast we talk about getting started with X-Wing miniatures game.

Before listing to this you should probably check out episode 0 where we introduce ourselves.

We start off the X-Wing podcast with an episode that should be useful for anyone new to the game, and should remain that way despite what the future brings in terms of new releases.

I’ve bought the X-Wing Miniatures Game Starter set, what should I buy next?

This is a really common question for new players, so first up we discuss the initial purchases after you get the X-Wing Miniatures game starter set.  And maybe even a second.  Ok, not just maybe.  Getting a second starter is a great idea but not the only route to go down.  There are pro’s and con’s to picking up the 2nd starter set and while the pro’s are very good, some people just won’t want or need to do it.


  • Price of  3 ships is actually more than the starter set.
  • You will need more dice.
  • More Tokens is always good, you will lose them!


  • Its a bit dull to buy the same stuff
  • Not everyone wants to use 4 Tie Fighters and 2 X-Wings (or 5 and 3 but more on that later)
  • 2 starters can’t make a 100 points list.  1 starter and a large ship can.  (I’m not saying its a good list, but it is a legal list)

So moving forwards from the starter is pretty easy, generally you just grab the ships you like the look of, and as a rule of thumb 3 Rebel Ships or 4 Imperial ships (assuming they are not all TIE fighters) can make a 100 point list.

So if you want an easy way to 100 points there are a few options. These are the ones we talked about on this episode:

Ben J – Starter + Millennium Falcon. (£55 retail)

  • Han Solo
    • Marksmanship
    • Luke Skywalker Crew
    • Chewbacca Crew
    • Millennium Falcon Title
    • Engine Upgrade
  • Biggs Darklighter
    • R2-D2
    • Shield Upgrade

This come is at 98 points so you should get initiatve to ensure ‘Han Shoots First’

Ben C – Starter x2 + Vader (£42 if you can swap your X-Wing for a friends 2x Tie Fighter)

  • Darth Vader
    • Cluster Missiles
    • Squad Leader
  • Mauler Mithel
  • Dark Curse
  • Night Beast
  • Black Squadron Pilot

This squad come in at 97 points so you still have a few options for upgrades.

The friend that you swapped with can now go out and pick up a X-Wing Expansion pack and will be able to field the 3 named X-Wings list (Starter + X-Wing £42)

  • Luke Skywalker
    • R2-D2
    • Proton Torpedoes
    • Expert Handling
  • Wedge Antilles
    • Marksmanship
    • Proton Torpedoes
  • Biggs Darklighter

Overall, getting started with x-wing miniatures game is super easy, but we hope this episode has given you some things to think about before you make the next step.

 Show Notes

Getting Started with X-Wing Miniatures Game

  • Got the starter, what now
  • What we did and why.
  • The cheap way to 100 points


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