Going to the Big Bang

I have my first tournament coming up this weekend and am still struggling on what to take to the event.

The tournament is called The Big Bang at the Sanctuary gaming centre in Mansfield.  Its looking like being a fairly good turn out with around half a dozen of our gaming circle in attendance, Ben and I will both be there, and hopefully a bunch of other people too.  The entry list at the moment is showing 20 players.

The Big Bang

So my thoughts on a squadron (list, force, army…. what do you call it in X-Wing???) a few days ago was looking like this:

  • TIE Interceptor: Soontir Fel
    • Push The Limit.
  • TIE Fighter: Howlrunner.
  • TIE Fighter: Academy Pilot.
  • TIE Fighter: Academy Pilot.
  • TIE Fighter: Academy Pilot.
  • TIE Fighter: Academy Pilot.
      • 96 Points.

I have a few options with the remaining 4 points.

1. Fel Stab’s Back

  • Upgrade 1 Academy Tie to Back Stabber.

General theory is that Howl and her 3 mates do the mini swarm thing while Fel and Backstabber turn a flank and add some extra ranged support.

2. Smoke and Mirrors

  • Stealth Device on Fel.

Idea is that Fel runs solo as a distraction. 1 pt spare.

3. Fel’s Obsidian gang

  • 4 pts to upgrade the Academy’s to Obsidian pilots.

Not actually sure this gains much. Is PS3 a big deal? Maybe if I upgrade 3 and stay at 99 points?

I’m leaning to 1. As my fave option but open to suggestions.

But then I played a few games with option 1 and really liked it.  Soontir Fel is very fast and agile, fun to use and very frustrating to face.  Howlrunner gives the mini swarm some real punch and Backstabber can fly with the swarm or off on a flanking attack.  It has a bunch of options and is quite flexible. I managed to play with and against this list and IMO its a good starting point for my first tournament.  One of the things that is appealing to me is that I have built it myself and its not a ‘Championship winning squadron’ plucked directly from YouTube.

Turn to the dark light side…

However, I also played a few games with the Rebels.

  • Luke Skywalker
    • R2-D2
    • Squad Leader
  • Gold Squadron Y-Wing
    • Ion Turret
  • Blue Squadron B-wing
  • Rookie X-Wing
      • 100 pts

This was super fun to use even with the Rookie being a weak link that went down early in all the games I played.

So now i’m torn.  I’m still leaning 70/30 towards the Fel led Imperials, but the Rebillion is calling…



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  1. Great minds think alike, the list i played last night was also 2 xwings 1 bwing and ywing, the difference being I had Biggs and Wedge in the Xwings

  2. Sounds great! Are you settled on this for the weekend or still undecided?

  3. When I’ve played with a TIE swarm I’ve found they can be lacking in firepower, even 3 dice at range 1 can easily whiff and make it difficult to hurt many ships. I really like Mauler Mithel for the 4 dice attack at range 1. Backstabber is also good, but can be tricky to manoeuvre into the best position.

  4. I’ve found that a little, especially when facing other high agility ships. I’m putting my faith in 3 actions a turn though!

  5. Here is my list if anyone is interested. There is absolutely no thought whatsoever gone into this. Its just what I was able to scrape together with limited resources:

    Darth Vader: Concusssion Missiles, Swarm Tactics

    Mauler Mithel: Swarm Tactics

    Night Beast

    Black Squadron Pilot #1: Marksmanship

    Black Squadron Pilot #2

  6. Stealth on howlrunner, because she is a prime target for about everything

    • Event has been and gone. I didn’t use Stealth, I upgraded an Academy to Backstabber. Was a worthwhile upgrade IMO. Backstabber received more attention than anyone else. No one wanted to turn a flank and take the extra attack dice. Howl in the 2nd rank or the formation was often being shot at an extra range band to the front guys so it wasn’t a huge issue to take the shots. She almost always used the Evade action

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