Imperial Aces Review – Episode 5

After a short break due to real life getting in the way of gaming we return with a review of the recent Imperial Aces release.

We start off the review by talking about all of the new pilots that come with the box set.  We also talk about what lists we have been using, tip for flying them and what combinations we are excited about with the new modifications in other lists.

The squadron that both of us are enjoying the most is the 4 Royal Guard Pilots

  • 4x Royal Guard Pilot
    • Push The Limit

Its also a pretty easy switch to run

  • 3x Royal Guard Pilot
    • Push The Limit
  • Turr Phenirr

Another combination that we like is running a single Ace along side a Shuttle and a firespray.

Once we have covered the various pilots and Aces squadrons we talk about the uses for the new modifications and upgrades in this set.  One build that we are particularly impressed by is

  • Soontir Fel
    • Push the Limit
    • Targeting Computer

The ability to take a focus and target lock offers an extra degree of flexibility to Fel.

Finally we wrap up the show by taking some questions from the listeners, thanks to Neil, Sam and Stew for sending them in.



Show Notes

  • Intro
  • Imperial Aces Review
  • Wrap up and shout outs
    • The Galactic Cup


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  1. Great Show, please keep them coming! I’m very much looking forward to the episode where you describe how to store everything.


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