Introduction to the X-Wing Podcast – ep 0

Welcome to the introduction episode of the unofficial Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game podcast!

Quite a mouthfuls that is….

This ‘episode zero’ of the X-Wing Podcast is a chance to introduce the hosts, Ben Curry and Ben Johnson before getting properly on-topic in our first episode.

X-Wing Podcast ep 0 – Show Notes

  • Introduction to the hosts of the X-Wing Podcast
    • We talk about our gaming background, where we got started with miniature gaming and tournament gaming.
    • Why we got into X-Wing, what attracted us to the game and why we decided to take the plunge.
    • Why start a podcast despite only having played X-Wing for less than 2 months.
    • Where we see it leading, and our plans for the future.
    • Topics to cover in future shows.
    • Episode format, what you can expect from each show.
  • The game
    • What we like about it on the game play side.
    • Factions/forces, Rebel Scum or Imperial Ace
    • Favorite Ships, not as easy to decide as you might think.
    • Play styles, Upgrade heavy vs light, Few vs Many and other options.


Now that Introductions are out of the way you should go ahead and check out episode 1

You can find the X-Wing Podcast in all the places you might expect,




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  1. will episode 5 be coming out soon?

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