New B-Wing Pilots in Rebel Aces

Rebel Aces is the next release on the cards for X-Wing and Fantasy Flight Games have just put out some more information about the B-Wing pilots that come in the box.

B-Wings from Rebel Aces



Nera Dantels is the most recently spoiled card and allows you to target Torpedo Secondary Weapon attacks at enemy ships outside your firing arc.

I love this ability!  At the moment I don’t think I have ever seen a B-Wing carrying Torpedoes in a Squadron that has gone on to do well at a tournament or been considered a strong list.  This new pilot card could bring in some changes to that trend.

Flechette Torpedoes seem’s like a great option at just 2 points especially when backed up by munitions failsafe. This is also now the new cheapest B-Wing with an Elite Pilot Talent slot and just adds to the list of great build options for the ship that has been considered one of the best since its release.

Keyan Farlander has an ability that when revealed back before Wave 4 had been release was almost unbelievable and almost game breaking.  The Wave 4 ships have upped the power level and now this ability, while very good, does not seem as all conquering as it first looked.

When attaching you may remove 1 stress token to essentially spend it as a focus token.  The B-Wing has a dial full of red and the Elite Pilot Talent slot to gain access to Push The Limit gives a bunch of options to get, and then spend, stress.

New Rebel Crew Members

2 cards that have also been talked about by Fantay Flight are Jan Ors and Kyle Katarn crew members.

kyle-katarn jan-ors


These can give a whole load more options to the Falcon, HWK and also now the B-Wing thanks to another modification in the Rebel Aces box.

You can check out the full actable announcing this at Fantasy Flight Games.

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