New Tournament Tie Breaker and FAQ updates

Fantasy Flight Games have posted updates to the X-wing Rules for Tournament’s and Epic Play and have also added to the FAQ

Some of the main changes are:

  • Huge ships start the battle fully charged with energy
  • The Barrel Roll Rules for large ships now use the long edge of the template instead of the short edge resulting in a shorter roll.
  • The official Tournamen tTie breaker is now Margin of Victory instead of Strength of Schedule.

From the FFG announcement.

We also continue to expand and improve the X-Wing FAQ. As the game grows and absorbs new content, more and more card interactions become possible. The latest update addresses the pressing questions introduced by Wave IV, the Tantive IV release, and Epic play. We’ve also taken this opportunity to introduce the official rules for Large ships performing the barrel roll action as we prepare for the release of the YT-2400 Freighter, a necessary check on the dramatic power of large-base barrel rolling.

These changes are interesting when them come on the back of the previous change to the tournament rules with the points needed to achieve and modified or full win.  Players can now disengage and try to stay alive to get the win but they do this at the expense of potentially losing the chance of getting a large tie breaker score.

The change to the barrel roll rules for large ships makes sense as the expert handling card was quite powerful even when handing out stress, the new YT2400 with a barrel roll action would be a handful.

My personal thoughts are that the previous change was good for the game in that it added an extra option to play styles and squadron building but this latest change seems a bit like a step back, especially to be released in the middle of reginals/nationals season and while the new meta of Wave 4 is still settling.

What are your thoughts on these changes?

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