Not Dead!

Hi guys,

Just a note to say that we are not dead!!!

I have been super busy at work and with a baby on the way the weekends have been jam packed too.

Normal service will be resumed in the not too distant future with our Aces review.

Ben C.

4 Responses to “Not Dead!”

  1. I like your optimism that you have time on your hands after the baby arrives. Looking forward to the aces review.

  2. Good luck with the baby, you’ll have even less time then, trust me I have 2 of the little rascals.

    • Thanks!!!

      • Its great though, seeing there smile is better than any tournament win.
        On a different note, have you tried X-Wing on Vassal? Its a great way to get practice games for squad builds before you commit to buying 2nd or 3rd versions of the same ships, like dual Firespray lists or double YT’s.

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