How To Paint X-Wing Miniatures – Episode 6

This episode is all about How to paint X-Wing miniatures.

We talk about how you can do a full repaint, the colours we used and techniques that make it easy. We also give some simple tips on adding a few easy splashes of colour that can transform your models.

You can see some of the examples in the pictures below.

The X-Wings are Ben C’s with a spot of paint added to the cannons while Imperials are Ben J’s that have been completely repainted.

An Easy Tip To Paint X-Wing Miniatures

The quick and easy method to add a splash of colour to the cannons and lasers involves a light dry brushing with Red, Orange and Yellow with a spot of White on the tips.  We used Games Workshop Citadel paints but any brand will work just fine.

Later in the show Ben C talks about the Millennium Falcon and some of the lists he had been using recently while Ben J give some of his ideas for his Interceptor squadron.

Show Notes

  • Intro
  • How to paint your X-Wing miniatures
  • Recent Squad building thoughts
  • Wrap up and shout outs


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3 Responses to “How To Paint X-Wing Miniatures – Episode 6”

  1. Always looking for a good X-wing podcast. This was quite nice so early in the morning. Hope you guys keep it up.

  2. Beautiful job on the minis, mate. The Firespray in particular is phenomenal — understated, but really dirty and weathered. Here are a few of my own:
    Also, I’ve got some third party X-wing stuff and general 6mm scifi terrain and minis coming in a few months, via Kickstarter. (Hopefully coming, I guess.) If you have any interest, check out my blog in the coming months:

  3. what happened to the youtube video painting tutorial guys?

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