Star Wars Wednesdays!

I’m super happy to announce the launch of the X-Wing Podcast!

This is going to a a fortnightly podcast with a new episode every other wednesday.

The first episode and our introduction episode is already available and we would love to hear your feedback.

2 Responses to “Star Wars Wednesdays!”

  1. Good work lads, we’re a bit late to the party but got there in the end.

    Great first 2 pods to get everyone started.

    What I’d like to see is some reviews on each wave ship.

    A bit of a breakdown on where uk tournaments can be found.

    Depending on sponsors maybe a breakdown of where us uk residents can get models (especially at a good price)

    Your favourite combos

  2. UK Events is on the cards. Models is a different thing, use your LFGS, or at least until we pick up some sponsors 😉

    At the mo I use Element Games for online orders if not buying form my local.

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