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Store Championships Report – Episode 4

On episode 4 of the X-Wing podcast we talk about our visit to Patriot Games as part of the Fantasy Flight games Store Championships series.  We talk about our lists at the event and how we managed to do in our games and what changes we would make to future versions of the squads we used.

We had a short drive up to Sheffield to take part in this event and the lists that we brought with us are here:

Ben C

  • Chewbacca
  • Blue Squadron
    • Heavy Laser Cannon
  • Blue Squardon
    • Heavy Laser Cannon

Ben J

  • Krassis Trelix
    • Heavy Laser Cannon
    • Assault Missiles
  • Kath Scarlet
    • Slave 1
    • Assault Missiles
    • Proton Torpedoes
    • Deadeye

The winning list from the event was piloted by local friend of the show, Chris Taylor.  You can cheek out his blog HERE where he has a report of his games and talks about his squadron in more detail.

  • Omicron Shuttle with Vader
  • Gamma Bomber with Concussion Missiles and Seismic bombs
  • Obsidian TIE
  • Academy TIE
  • Turr Phenir with Push the Limit

I took a whole bunch of photos at the event

Show Notes

  • Intro
  • Our lists for the Store Championships
  • How our games went
  • Wrap up and shout outs


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8 Responses to “Store Championships Report – Episode 4”

  1. Well Patriot only charge £5 for the entry, the following day Wargames Emporium charged £10 and was the same prize fund.

    • It would be cool to know the details of the event packs. I have no issues with paying 5 or 10 for a days gaming, it just seems odd that they complain about the store events falling flat but don’t offer more incentives.

  2. Great show once again guys! I think that FFG makes the store pay for the prize packet and they most likely we just breaking even on it. I have played in some events here in the States that change a bit more to add in additional ‘in-store’ credit as well as the FFG prizes.

  3. great episode, if you could get a shop owner on the show to hear their side of things with respect to organizing tournaments I think that would be both informative and interesting

    • Good call. I’ll speak with a couple of the guys I know who runs stores and see if they will come and chat

  4. Great show! I wish I lived close enough to play you guys (I am from the States). What type of storage do you use? You mentioned it on the podcast but I didn’t know what it was.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Am I the only one making the winners squad come in at 101 points?

    Shuttle + vader 24
    Gamma + cm + sc 24
    Obsidian tie 13
    Academy 12
    Turr + ptl 28

    101 right?

    • Its probably me copy and pasting the list from his blog and changing the bomber without checking what else was altered to fit it in!

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