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Tips and Tactics For New X-Wing Players – ep 3

Its already episode 3 of The X-Wing Podcast! How time flies.  On this show, to follow up from the summary at the end of episode 2, we talk about the Tips and Tactics for new x-wing players that really helped us getting into the game.  We have a run down of 5 things that each of us found really useful be it flying skills or just organising our ships.

When we have been looking for tips ourselves we found a ton of awesome information on the various X-Wing forums.  Spend a bit of time digging around them are you will find some real gems with lots of threads with people asking for advice.

Tips and Tactics For New X-Wing Players

Our picks of the tips and why we think they are good

Ben C

  • Opponents Ships move in own arc
  • Flying Formation spacing
  • Crashing is not that bad
  • Paint your tokens
  • Asteroid as K-Turn markers

Ben J

  • Squadron Builders
  • Paint Stems
  • Plan your opening
  • Storage Boxes
  • Asteroid Placement

On the show we discuss why we liked these particular tips, how they have helped us and how we have applied them to our games

Show Notes

  • Intro
  • Introductions and Recent Activities
  • Tips and Tactics for new x-wing players
  • Wrap up and shout outs


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6 Responses to “Tips and Tactics For New X-Wing Players – ep 3”

  1. Any chance of some links to some of the products and websites mentioned on this episode?

  2. Loving the show guys! Keep it up!

  3. I had a great use of tactical crashing where my opponent put his Slave-1 on an asteroid so I moved one of my x-wing’s forward 4 so he couldn’t get off and it caused his Captain Jonas to crash into the back of the Slave-1.
    With the use of another X-Wing I was able to stuff him on that asteroid for 4 rounds, and had range one shots on Captain Jonas who wasn’t able to fire any ordinance as he was in range 1 the whole time.

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