UK X-Wing Regional championship 2014 announced

UK X-Wing distributer Esdevium have announced the list of stores hosting a X-Wing regional championships

From the announcement post

Each Regional Championship tournament offers an opportunity to participate in an exciting competition with some of your favourite game’s most enthusiastic players. These exclusive events provide structured competition, feature exclusive prize support, draw players from across the region, and help build local gaming communities. The winners and runner-ups from Game of Thrones, Android: Netrunner and X-Wing Regional events will get a chance to participate in the 2014 UK FFG National Tournaments taking place at UK Games Expo.

There are a bunch of cool prizes on offer at the event at the X-Wing regional championships,

SWX-2014-regionals-prizesThe winner and runner up in each of the events below will be eligible to participate in the National event hosted on the 1st June at UK Games Expo (Entry fee for UK Games Expo is required). In addition to the Regional events listed below an open Qualifier will be hosted at UK Games Expo on Saturday, 31st May from which 6 more players can qualify for the National event.

Store Location Contact E-mail Website Event Date
Beanie Girl Stockton-on-Tees 18.05.14
Harlequin Preston 17.05.14
Gamers World Dublin 3.05.14
TGS Aldershot 10.05.14
Wargames Workshop Milton Keynes  3.05.14

The Store Championships have started to be release and I will endeavour to compile a list of venues and dates for these events.

Let us know which event you will be trying to attend.







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