X-Wing at the Slaughter

X-Wing at the Slaughter – 30/1/14

The Sheffield Slaughter is a large Warhammer Fantasy battle event that is held at the Davy Soprts and Social club in Sheffield each January.

This year a few of us were interested in getting together to play some X-Wing on the friday evening and it soon escalated into a mini-tournament.

Element Games were contacted to supply some prize support and Ben J painted, and then sold, some gaming tables.  The entry fees, board sales and prizes from Element Games turned into £100 worth of gift certificates and Ships in the prize pool.  Not bad for a 10 player event with a £5 entry fee.


Not a bad prize pool for 10 players!

The format was 3 rounds at 45 mins each and a 60 point limit.

As the event was going to be aimed squarely at the new X-Wing players that were there because they are attending the Warhammer event I put out this advice

If you and a mate have been thinking about jumping in an playing X-Wing this is a great chance.  You and a mate both buy a starter set, one plays 2x X-Wings and the other plays 4x TIE fighters. Both lists fit (and probably work not too bad) at 60 points. If you are like Tom Mawdsley and have no personality (and no friends) then you can buy the starter set and another ship you like the look of. Any 2 rebel ships or 3 imperial ships can be build into 60 points.

The event was a success! We had some help along the way, particularly from Chris Taylor (check out his blog) and some issues with myself getting delayed on route but everyone went home happy.

So the overall results were

  1. Marcus Pitt
  2. Ben Johnson
  3. Shane Metcalf
  4. Ste Halliwell
  5. Chris Taylor
  6. Jon Pugh
  7. Craig Johnson
  8. Ben Curry
  9. Steve Wren
  10. Chris White

Marcus had only previously played against his son until the friday afternoon where Steve Wren gave him a run-down of the rules.

On the saturday night we gathered together a large group to play a 500 points game.  25 per side, Rebel’s vs Imperials.


250 points per side


Much fun was had by all and it was an excellent addition to the Warhammer event.






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