X-Wing Space Mat’s and Gaming boards – Episode 7

Its time for another episode of the X-Wing podcast and on this show we are talking all about Gaming Tables, Play mat’s, Starfield mat’s, Space mat’s or what ever else you want to call them.  For this show we are going to run with Space Mat

Adding a Space mat to your X-Wing collection is a great investment as you will use it for all your games and only costs the same as that 2nd Millennium Falcon that i’m sure we have all bought and used only a couple of times!

X-Wing Space Mats – The Options

First up we talk about the various option that you have when choosing a space mat

There are hundreds of different options for an off the shelf space mat, the ones shown here are quite common and easily available.


Making a Gaming Board

Before we picked up our Space mat’s we both made a gaming board.  This is probably due to our miniature gaming roots and the thought that gaming board should be a hefty chunk of wood.

Its really cheap if you want to build a few of these but as a one of it can be a similar price to a space mat.  A tub of paint will cover 10+ tables and the wood is cheaper if you buy large sheets and cut them down.  3mm MDF, painted black and various spray can colours are all that you need.


What Are We Using Now? – Custom Printed Space Mat’s

The mats that we are using and you can see in our photos that we regularly post on Facebook and Twitter are made by a company called Print Android. The cost roughly £15 each, including UK delivery for a custom image printed on a 3×3 mat.

They take any picture that you would like to use and put it onto a PVC banner that is great quality material for a play mat.  It rolls up like the laminated versions and can be printed with very high quality images to produce a fantastic looking mat.

The important thing that you need to get right is the image size.  They need to be at least 300Dpi but the higher quality the better final result.

There are a few online resources for space images to use on you custom space mat, the one that we use for ours is the European Southern Observatory website, but you can get similar images from the Hubble website too.  From the ESO website it is best to use images that are around 15000 x 15000px in size or larger, this will give the best quality.

You can order on the Print Android website and also find details of how to contact them if you have any questions.  If you do get in touch please let them know you heard about them from us.


Before wrapping things up we talk about some events that are coming soon in the UK

The best place you can go to find out about this is the Wargames Tournament Calendar run by a friend of ours, Simon Brown.  Its an awesome source for events all over the world for all games systems, not just X-Wing.  You can search by choosing your game system, region and dates.

You can get is touch with us in all the usual places.  It would be awesome if you could leave a review on iTunes.




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6 Responses to “X-Wing Space Mat’s and Gaming boards – Episode 7”

  1. I’ve just downloaded a few images from the ESA website, and I can’t find any images that are 300dpi or greater – most are around 72 – 96dpi

    is it just a case of trial and error to find a 300 dpi image or is there a process you can put them through to get them to the required quality?

  2. Have you guys used any neoprene battlemats? I got one and they are amazing to play on.

  3. what happened to this podcast? Bring it back!


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